Introducing Automobili Lamborghini Bodacious Kitchen: A Masterpiece in Kitchen Engineering

Miami, April 30, 2024 – The embodiment of Kitchen perfection has arrived! We are thrilled to announce the official launch of the Automobili Lamborghini Bodacious Kitchen™ a revolutionary fusion of super sports car aesthetics with cutting edge kitchen engineering.

Designed to embody the spirit of the iconic Automobili Lamborghini brand, each Bodacious Kitchen™ is meticulously crafted with Italy’s finest materials, delivering top of the line construction and the brand’s show-stopping futuristic angles. The sleek marble countertops are designed to stand the test of time with state-of-the-art acid treatment and 4D natural texture, making the stone feel alive yet more resistant than ever. The cabinetry is accentuated with a premier selection of metal and sustainably sourced wood, every detail has been carefully curated to push the kitchen space into new frontiers of elegance.

“The Automobili Lamborghini Bodacious Kitchen™ is a projection of Lamborghini’s DNA into the heart of the world’s most distinguished homes” said Massimo Colella, Lead Designer. “We’re committed to the brand’s values and offer the same unlimited “Ad Personam” customization experience. I’m particularly excited about designing with Automobili Lamborghini’s signature Forged Composite Carbon Fiber, bringing it into an outstanding kitchen.”

The Bodacious Kitchen™ is offered exclusively through the members of the Automobili Lamborghini Bodacious Kitchen™ Brand Ambassador Club. This group is composed of industry leaders in the fields of luxury architecture, design and construction in the USA & Caribbean. There’s only a handful in Florida, Texas, Illinois & Las Vegas for the time being, new members are welcome to qualify through our corporate office by scheduling an interview though Contact@Bodacious.Luxe. Interested costumers are welcome to contact us as well. We will gladly pair them with an ambassador in their area to guide them through the process.

“At this level you can only work with the best and we have a good amount of experience in that with La Dolce Vita in Miami, working on some of the city’s most exclusive houses on the market “added Massimo Colella, Lead Designer. “Our vision is to have a fully integrated national ecosystem of ambassadors where we become a hub for designing and constructing amazing projects.”

There will be a series of networking events around the country, the first of which is the Official Launch Event taking place on May 2nd in the Lamborghini Lounge in New York City where the company will be showcasing an innovative visualization experience in VR. This Lounge is usually reserved for Lamborghini’s most distinguished clients to customize their vehicles with the brand’s signature Ad Personam program. The Lounge features an example of Lamborghini’s latest model, an Ad Personam room showcasing multiple steering wheels, seats, rims, leather finishes and at its heart lies the first Bodacious Kitchen™ in the USA.

About Bodacious Kitchen™

The Bodacious Kitchen™ is an official Automobili Lamborghini licensed product, developed by La Dolce Vita, a Bespoke interior firm based in Miami, Florida.

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